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Many people only buy products they are sure about. As a result, their buying process starts with a background search intended on discovery, vetting and trust establishment. Old day consumers relied on consumer magazines like the consumer report to discover worthy brands vendors, customer experiences to look for, among others.

Today, consumers spend a good chunk of their shopping money online. But the way they discover products, or service providers hasn’t changed one bit. Most of them start their discovery process by reading blogs, seller websites, and online magazines, among others. The most trusted form of information for online buyers according to our research is customer reviews. Unfortunately, essay writing companies that mainly serve students don’t have a customer reviews system that can be depended on by their consumer base.

Students and their essay purchases

Students are major customers on essay writing service companies. They buy essays whenever they feel like: when there is too much on their plates to pursue sports for higher quality academic grades, etc. since essay writing companies don’t have a customer reviews system, it is critical that these buyers check out essay writing company review websites like This website has everything a student needs to make an informed decision on what custom essay writing company to hire.

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A simple look through in many student forums shows gross disappointment in what they get from essay writing companies. Some complain about being scammed by essay scams while the rest are concerned with the quality they received from an essay writing company. With a review website like, you will be able to tell whether a company has the capacity to write excellent essays or not. In addition to this, students will also be able to find worthy essay writing companies in record time.

How it works

There are two main types of reviews this website publishes. The first set comes from real customers- students who have used an essay writing company and are coming forward to describe their experience. We use whatever they are saying to come up with a list of top essay writing companies, a list that changes depending on what the customers say about a given company.

In addition, also goes out of its way to send expert investigators to review each service. These ones come up with a summary which describes a company’s ability to deliver on its promises.